Cassette Store Day 2018

Join us in celebrating Cassette Store Day on October 13th!

We’ll be carrying several of the limited edition Cassette Store Day titles that are offered this year. For a full list of releases, check out the CSD website:

We’ll also be offering 10% off all cassette decks, portable cassette players, blank tapes, and used cassettes! 


We are so excited to be hosting our second annual mixtape swap! We’ll have a bin behind the counter where you can drop off your mixtape and pick up a new one to take home. No purchase necessary.

Feel free to jazz up your mixtape with stickers, doodles, or decoupage, just please remember to include a track list so the person who ends up with your tape can discover something new!

Strawberry Tapes
Cooley TheCurator
More info coming soon!

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