Community Night Tonight!

Community Night Tonight!

Tonight we're having a community night! We’ll have free food, live music & performances, and a soul circle. Thanks so much to Deja Goode for putting together this event💕.

Please consider bringing a donation to help out our fellow Daytonians who were affected by the tornado.

If you are going to bring water, please consider donating something else as well. We currently have a large supply of water and other items are greatly needed. You can find a list of specific items that have been requested below.

Ω soap Ω lotion Ω towels Ω deodorant
Ω socks Ω wet wipes Ω diapers (size 4 & 5) Ω boys shoes size 7 (2 years old)
Ω boys clothing 2T Ω girls shoes size 11 (5 years old) Ω girls clothing (size 5/6) Ω toilet paper
Ω womens shoes (size 10) Ω tampons/pads Ω toiletries Ω sheets

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