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What's New 6-26-20


Haim regularly push themselves out of their comfort zones, experimenting with glitchy electronics, slatherings of sax, and dubby syncopation (“Another Try”, which feels like a sparkier sibling to Lana Del Rey’s cover of Sublime’s ‘Doin’ Time’). Between all of the new, though, the sisters are still experts at deploying irresistible rock, like the rousing, shout-a-long brilliance of “The Steps.”

Loma Vista

Grey Daze, Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park outfit, had just reformed before the untimely death of Bennington in 2017. Amends feature’s remastered vocals from one of rock’s most recognizable voices. It’s an origin story and a deeply intimate full circle moment among friends and fans. Featuring multiple guests from contemporaries such as Korn, Helmet, Bush, and Breaking Benjamin.

New West

Corb Lund embraces his rich and rustic western heritage with a style that’s unique, honest and resolute, while touching on a range of cowboy themes — from rough-and-tumble tales of lawless frontier saloons, to the somber realities of running a modern family ranch. It’s a classic sound with a twist, something of a rarity these days, but one that evokes the spirit of the American West, past and present.


Monovision is Grammy Award-winning artist Ray LaMontagne’s eighth studio album. The 10 new tracks see Ray not only writing and producing but also add on duties of engineering as well as performing all the instrument. The guitar-driven single, “Strong Enough,” features Ray’s signature raspy vocals his fans have come to love.

Roc Nation

The legendary dancehall singer’s 13th studio album - his first since Grammy-winning Before the Dawn in 2010. Banton says of the album, “[it] comprises 20 tracks. Why? Because it’s 2020... 2020 has a deeper understanding in my mind. It resonates with a clear vision and seeing things for what it is. After a 10-year absence, we try to give the people some music for that missing time.“


Like A House On Fire is an album that shows the group's continuity of a more straight forward and melodic hard rock sound, as established on their previous self-titled fifth album, while also shifting into different genres. It’s also yet another Asking Alexandria album that will divide opinion. And, once again, the band themselves are unlikely to care.

Blue Note

Color of Noize reflects a melting pot of influence and experience with jazz flow, hip-hop groove, soulful depth, spiritual uplift, and creative fire — but the concept is best described in more abstract terms. As Hodge lays it out, “It’s the contrast, it’s the beauty, it’s the chaos, it’s the freedom — all of that.”


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