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What's New 2-18-22

Limited Fanfare

Known for their energetic, shoegaze-inspired pop/rock music, the Miami four-piece showcases a dreamy, yet brooding sound in their debut album (produced by Torche’s Jon Nuńez). ontheinside explores the bands introspective and emotive side through, best displayed in the lead single, “Phoebe,” – their modern take on what a big-chorus, fuzzed out rock anthem can sound like.

Abeyance Records

This is still a band whose recordings beg to be heard live, either in a punk-rock hole in the wall or honky-tonk roadhouse. Shook pulls from Hank Williams, Elliott Smith, the Sex Pistols, and her own self to create pop-savvy, honky-tonk punk that’s both an escape and a reality check––a re-opened wound and a balm. Relationships and life-changing realizations are dissected with honesty and humor, three tight minutes at a time.


Originally planned as a stripped-down acoustic-leaning release, Manticore's tracks were written prior to the pandemic, but recorded during it, when Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst suddenly had much more time at their disposal. The duo reimagined the original arrangements, resulting in 10 new songs that range in sound from heartbreaking, stark piano to rollicking hard-rock and danceable guitar and drum numbers.

Third Man

Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros—consisting of Bobby Weir, Don Was, Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti— are releasing their first ever vinyl collection of recorded material. Live In Colorado was recorded at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater and Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater on June 8, 9, 11, 12, 2021. “Been too long,” Weir said of the performances, “but I can’t think of a better place to pick it back up…”


Wage War has forged an ironclad hybrid of battering ram grooves, gnashing guitars and melodic hooks in the heat of those extremes. Following the most trying year in recent history, the Florida quintet only strengthened their creative bond on their 4th full-length, striking a seamless balance between behemoth riffs, soaring melodies, and electronic fits, straining their past, present, and future into one cohesive statement.

Blue Note

The jazztronica duo’ full-length debut, Motherland Journey, is an album years in the making, celebrating pushing boundaries, taking risks, and overcoming adversity. Following their 2021 EP, We Will Rise, this new album is a star-studded affair featuring the duo (producer NK-OK and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM) joined by collaborators including Ghetto Boy, Tiana Major9, KillBeatz and more.


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