Celebrate Record Store Day with us! RSD at Omega this year will look very similar to last year. We’re focusing on the music and getting these really awesome releases into the store and into your hands in the most financially and socially responsible way. Things went smoothly last time, and we’re doing our best to make it fair (and safe) for everyone.

Here's How It's Going to Work:
• The night before the release date, we will post a menu of everything we have in stock. If a title that is slated to come out is not listed on the menu, then unfortunately we do not have it.
• Bring your filled out list to the store. We will have somebody at the door at 8AM to start collecting lists (and handing lists out to those of you who do not have printing capabilities).
• All items will be first come, first served. To minimize contact, we will keep all of the Record Store Day releases in our back room and our employees will pull the items for you! The first people to get their lists into our hands will be the first orders picked. Once your order is pulled, we will call you to come pick it up. You can pay over the phone at this time, or you can pay when you pick up your order. Pickups will begin at 10AM.
• If you have already paid for your order, just give us a call when you arrive at the store and we will bring your purchase out to you.
• If you do not wish to come into the store, you can fill out a wish list online! To make it fair, we will not start pulling any wishlists submitted online until after 1PM, or until all other in-person orders have been pulled. Once your wishlist items have been pulled, we will call you to let you know what items we have waiting for you. You can pay at this time, or when you pick up your order. If you pay via phone, just give us a call when you arrive at the store and we will bring your purchase out to you.
• All unpaid orders will be returned to the sales floor after we close at 8PM. We will not hold any unpaid orders for you. If you have paid for your order, we will hold it here until you are able to pick it up. We have very limited space, so please plan to pick up your orders in a timely manner.

Important Details:
• The store will be open for browsing from 10AM-8PM
• Only one copy of each title per customer.
• We will not know which releases we will have until we physically receive our RSD shipments.
• We’ll be posting photos of the releases as they arrive. Be sure to follow us on our other social media channels for sneak peeks of releases!