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Format: CD
Catalog: 1686183962
Rel. Date: 10/07/2003
UPC: 016861839628

To My Surprise [Import]
Artist: To My Surprise
Format: CD
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Slipknot side project" is not exactly a phrase that sets most people's hearts aflutter. Even diehard Maggots, desperate for somewhere to turn as the band circulated break-up rumors, were underwhelmed by splinter groups the Murderdolls and Stone Sour. But from the introductory falsetto "hoo-hoo-hoos" of "The World's Too Small," an acoustic ballad that sounds a bit like Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with the coolness quotient raised to the power of ten, it's clear that percussionist Shawn Crahan's new group is marked by a certain demented inspiration. (FYI, Crahan's the Slipknotter who dresses like a clown-Number 6 on your Slipknot scorecard.)

Moving to the main drumkit, Crahan drives vocalist Brandon Darner and bassist/guitarist Steven Robinson through a broad range of material. "Sunday" is a sprightly country-rock shuffle, while on tracks like "Blue" they strut and swing with the stoner panache of Queens of the Stone Age. (The chorus is a wondrously dippy "Blue belongs in the sky/ And not on you or I.") Crahan's own twangy vocal rants on "In the Mood" sound like Pere Ubu's David Thomas of all people. The eclecticism never spins off into mere weirdness, though-further evidence, I suspect, that producer Rick Rubin can focus the most unlikely artists into overcoming their limitations. (The good news is he's also producing Slipknot's upcoming album.) So, yeah, this is a surprise-less like having your friends leap out unexpectedly from behind your sofa with birthday presents, more like finding one last bottle of beer hidden behind the milk in the fridge.

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