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Format: CD
Label: ABK
Catalog: 96672
Rel. Date: 08/27/2002
UPC: 018771966722

Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Format: CD
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''Hot Rocks 1964–1971'' is the first compilation album of Rolling Stones music released by former manager Allen Klein's ABKCO Records (who gained control of the band's Decca/London material in 1970) after the band's departure from Decca and Klein. Released in late 1971, it proved to be The Rolling Stones' biggest-selling release of their career and an enduring and popular retrospective.

After reportedly having been duped by Klein to unknowingly sign over the recording copyrights to all of their material from 1963 to 1970, The Rolling Stones left Decca and formed their own label, Rolling Stones Records, with a new distributor. They recorded ''Sticky Fingers'' throughout 1970, releasing it the following spring. Although Klein—and now ABKCO—no longer had The Rolling Stones as clients, their fruitful catalogue was ripe for the picking and, thus, ''Hot Rocks 1964–1971'' was quickly compiled as a double album greatest hits package.

While the album carries most of the band's biggest hits during their first decade, it does drop a few of them in order to include standout tracks such as "Play With Fire", "Under My Thumb" and "Gimme Shelter" giving listeners a more well-rounded impression of The Rolling Stones' music in this era. Although "Brown Sugar" and "Wild Horses" are a part of ''Sticky Fingers'', those two songs are co-owned by the band and Allen Klein because The Rolling Stones recorded the songs while they were still under contract to Decca.

''Hot Rocks 1964–1971'' was authorized by The Rolling Stones (as was ''More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)''). It has ended up as their highest-selling album, reaching #4 in the U.S. upon its release and, after selling in excess of six million copies, it was certified twelve times platinum there, as per RIAA rules regarding double album releases. The UK release was delayed for many years, coming out on 21 May 1990, to coincide with the Urban Jungle Tour, reaching #3.

In August 2002, ''Hot Rocks 1964–1971'' was reissued in a new remastered CD and SACD digipak by ABKCO Records. - Wikipedia

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