Another Day On Earth


Format: CD
Label: Hannibal
Catalog: 1475
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 06/14/2005
UPC: 031257147521

Another Day On Earth
Artist: Brian Eno
Format: CD
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''Another Day on Earth'' is an album by Brian Eno, released in 2005 on Hannibal Records. - Wikipedia

Since he's mostly spent the last two decades crafting limited releases keyed to art installations and instrumental albums that even he grew weary of, Eno's first vocal album in more than a decade is something of a comeback. Known as a top-notch producer (U2, Talking Heads), Roxy Music founder, and ambient music creator/architect, his rock days are long behind him now-he's settled on a much calmer, meditative atmosphere, though his music still retains the beauty, subtlety, and imaginative spirit of his early work.

You don't listen to an Eno album so much as absorb it, letting it envelop you and transport you to an dreamlike setting, like a Magritte painting come to life. Every now and then, some exceptional detail leaps up to grab your attention before disappearing back into the delicate keyboards-the lyrical guitar on "Caught Between," the choppy vocal of "Bone Bomb," the sweet strings on "How Many Worlds." Gorgeous melodies and gentle vocals are everywhere (especially the title track), though they're buried so deep that you sometimes forget they're present. This is a tranquil but densely layered musical world-as such, it's perfect chill-out music.