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Silent Alarm
Artist: Bloc Party
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''Silent Alarm'' is the debut studio album by British indie rock band Bloc Party. Recorded in Copenhagen and London in mid-2004 with producer Paul Epworth, it was first released on 2 February 2005 in Japan, with Wichita Recordings as the primary label. The record peaked at number three on the United Kingdom Albums Chart. In the United States, it entered the ''Billboard'' 200 at number 114 and the ''Billboard'' Top Independent Albums at number seven. The double A-side "So Here We Are/Positive Tension", "Banquet", and "Pioneers" were released as singles. ''Silent Alarm'' went on to achieve worldwide sales of over one million copies.

Bloc Party aimed to create an album that appealed to followers of different musical genres. Building on the arrangements in their demo songs recorded in 2004, the band members moulded tracks largely through live takes during the ''Silent Alarm'' studio sessions. The compositional focus was on rhythm and the drum and bass parts, while lyricist Kele Okereke's writing examined the feelings and hopes of young adults, including views on global politics. Following the album's completion, Bloc Party embarked on promotional tours before its release.

''Silent Alarm'' garnered widespread critical acclaim. Praise often centred on its fast tempo and passionate delivery. The record was generally treated as showcasing the potential high quality of British music. Later in 2005, it was remixed as ''Silent Alarm Remixed'' and was re-released with bonus tracks to coincide with Bloc Party's worldwide touring schedule. The album has received accolades throughout the music industry since its release. - Wikipedia

No matter what kids-are-alright'ers insist, these London boys actually have less fun-and sparser hooks-than ye olde Gang of Four. But since many others share the crisis of conscience whose beat whips them around, their moody jerking may be as "political," in its way, as the Go4's Marxist napkin-scrawlings.


Contrary to what your favorite magazine/website/blog/cool friend may have told you, Bloc Party are not the next Franz Ferdinand. They're better. Just listen to the laser-beam guitars, frenetic drumming and rumbling bass on "Like Eating Glass," the opening track on the London dance-punk band's debut album. Are Franz this tight, this invigorating, this... alive? No way.Silent Alarm explodes with the energy of a bunch of kids pissed off at The Man and in love with music. The snotty anthem "Price of Gas" is the 9/11 generation's "London Calling"-all marching feet, grunting backing vocals and oil-war paranoia. And with its swooning synths and pledges of devotion, "This Modern Love" is our "Just Like Heaven." "She's Hearing Voices" and "Banquet" invoke the frantic paranoia of a bad trip; the closing "Compliments" is the relief of coming down. Frontman Kele Okereke's anguished yelps and tender sighs hold it all together; he's Robert Smith and Thom Yorke and Conor Oberst rolled up into one.Bloc Party know they're good. Playing this assured can only come from the self-confident. They also don't harbor any world-changing delusions. "So here we are reinventing the wheel," Okereke sings on "Pioneers." "We will not be the last." It's true. But they just might be the best.