Are You Passionate?


Format: CD
Catalog: 48111
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 04/09/2002
UPC: 093624811121

Are You Passionate?
Artist: Neil Young
Format: CD
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''Are You Passionate?'' is a 2002 album by Neil Young which features Booker T. & the M.G.'s and Crazy Horse. It represents Young's foray into soul music, not sounding like anything he had previously released. Exceptions are the epic rocker "Goin' Home", recorded with Crazy Horse, and the brooding "Let's Roll", a response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The album ends with "She's a Healer", an extended jam. The cover lists an extra song, "Gateway of Love", which did not appear on the album, although Young has played it live at selected shows.

The album's title is a reference to Jimi Hendrix' 1967 album "''Are You Experienced?''". - Wikipedia

You don't have to ask Neil Young if he's passionate. Ruled by his mercurialmuse, the guy has made a nearly 40-year career out of pursuing only the musiche wants to make, often at the expense of his commercial standing and his relationshipwith his record company. Though Are You Passionate? started life as a rockingCrazy Horse album-and retains one track from those sessions, the tomahawk-chopping"Goin' Home"-the final version of the album is informed byplayers like Stax organist Booker T. Jones and his MG's bandmates Donald"Duck" Dunn on bass and Steve Potts on drums. (Crazy Horse guitaristFrank "Pancho" Sampedro is also on hand for the whole album.)

This brings a relaxed, soulful kind of groove to the album's other 10 songs,from the direct Stax rhythm lifts on "You're My Girl," "Differently"and "Be With You" to the subtle textures of "She's a Healer,""Mr. Disappointment" and "Two Old Friends." Even "Let'sRoll," Young's highly publicized paean to the heroic September 11 passengerson United Airlines Flight 93, has a kind of chug that's made funkier by thisparticular rhythm section than it probably would have been in the hands of otherplayers. Ultimately, however, this is a songwriter's album, boasting sentimentallove songs and, in "Two Old Friends," an allegorical discussion betweena preacher and God. But Young doesn't always heed his own philosophy, either;during "When I Hold You in My Arms," he notes that "The older generation,they got something to say/ But they better say it fast, or get outta the way,"but fortunately for us he's taking his own good time saying-and playing-thingsthat are well worth hearing.