In Reverie


Format: CD
Catalog: 111512
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 09/16/2003
UPC: 600445050211

In Reverie
Artist: Saves The Day
Format: CD
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A sunny, vibrant pop album from Saves the Day? Yup. This New Jersey band, previously lumped in with the emo pack, makes a definitive statement on its major label debut, casting aside any preconceived notions about its style and focusing intently on melody. Christopher Conley possesses a friendly-sounding voice, and while he's used it in the past to growl along with his peers, here he sings like a guy raised on the Flaming Lips and XTC. Several tracks even feature him slipping into falsetto and crooning about love. Which raises another question: has Saves the Day gone soft, or perhaps insane?

With four members under the age of 25 who've been playing together for almost a decade, the band certainly has the right to evolve. And while punk purists will likely dismiss songs like the acoustic, Beatles-inspired ballad "She" and the minor-chord send-off "Tomorrow too Late," open-minded listeners will encounter a torrent of expressive, finely tuned songs filled with pristine guitar riffs and admirable hooks. The power-pop opening blast, "Anywhere With You," seesaws between jaunty verses and a rousing chorus; four deeply nuanced pop tracks follow-ably captured by producer Rob Schnapf, who helmed Saves the Day's last album for Vagrant. The disc can't keep this momentum, and the more aggressive songs, "Morning in the Moonlight" and "Where Are You?" feel out of place, if not obtrusive. But this doesn't mar an otherwise luminous album, one that's all the more bright because of its unlikely source.