Strange Country
Artist: Kacy & Clayton
Format: CD
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1. Strange Country
2. Springtime of the Year
3. The Rio Grande
4. If You Ask How I'm Keeping
5. Brunswick Stew
6. Down At the Dancehall
7. Seven Yellow Gypsies
8. Over the River Charlie
9. The Plains of Mexico
10. Dyin' Bed Maker

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Only Clayton Linthicum's intricate guitar work, expert time changes and vocal harmonies could forge the foundation for Kacy's voice to soar even higher - the result being an enormously satisfying and organic album. Drawing a wide swath of inspirations ranging from the Greenwich Village folk scene to the ancestral music of Southern Appalachia and the British Isles, the cousins fashion songs steeped in those traditions, simultaneously paying homage and building on those sounds.