Point Of Entry


Format: CD
Label: SONY
Catalog: 85436
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 05/29/2001
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Point Of Entry
Artist: Judas Priest
Format: CD
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''Point of Entry'' is the seventh album from the British heavy metal band Judas Priest. It was released on February 26, 1981.

In 1980 Judas Priest garnered some airplay with "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight" from their album ''British Steel''. As a result the band pursued a more radio friendly direction on ''Point of Entry''.

Three singles were released from the album: "Heading Out to the Highway", "Don't Go" and "Hot Rockin' ", all of which had accompanying music videos. The band performed "Heading Out to the Highway" up until their ''Priest...Live!'' album, and "Hot Rockin' " is still performed today. On the 2005 "Re-united" tour they also played "Solar Angels" on rare occasions: on the Point Of Entry tour, this was the opening song on every show.

The album was remastered in 2001, with two bonus tracks added, a live version of "Desert Plains" and a track from the ''Ram It Down'' sessions.

The US cover differed from the rest of the world, this being repeated with the remaster. The US artwork became notorious for its use of printer paper to simulate the line in the middle of the road, and white cardboard boxes on the back.

The World Wide Blitz Tour was the tour supporting the album. - Wikipedia