Piano Music. Romeo & Juliet


Format: CD
Catalog: 3957150
Genre: Classical
Rel. Date: 05/08/2001
UPC: 713746715021

Piano Music. Romeo & Juliet
Artist: Frederic Chiu
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Folk Dance (Village Dance)
2. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: The Street Awakens
3. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Arrival Of The Guests
4. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: The Young Juliet
5. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Masks
6. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: The Montagues And Tthe Capulets
7. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Friar Laurence (Father Lorenzo)
8. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Mercutio
9. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Dance Of The Girls With Lillies
10. Romeo & Juliet, Op.75: Romeo Bids Juliet Farewell
11. Cinderella, Op.95: Pavane
12. Cinderella, Op.95: Gavotte
13. Cinderella, Op.95: Valse Lente (Waltz)
14. Cinderella, Op.97: Spring Fairy
15. Cinderella, Op.97: Summer Fairy
16. Cinderella, Op.97: Grasshoppers And Dragonflies
17. Cinderella, Op.97: Autumn Fairy
18. Cinderella, Op.97: Winter Fairy
19. Cinderella, Op.97: Orientalia
20. Cinderella, Op.97: Passepied
21. Cinderella, Op.97: Capriccio (Kubyshka's Variation)
22. Cinderella, Op.97: Bourrée
23. Cinderella, Op.97: Adagio (Pas De Deux)
24. Three Pieces For Piano, Op.96: Grand Waltz From War And Peace
25. Three Pieces For Piano, Op.96: Contredanse Intended For 'Lermontov'
26. Three Pieces For Piano, Op.96: Mephisto Waltz Intended For 'Lermontov'

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