Some Fantastic Place


Format: Digital
Label: Virgin EMI
Rel. Date: 03/24/2009
UPC: 731454014021

Some Fantastic Place
Artist: Squeeze
Format: Digital


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''Some Fantastic Place'' is a 1993 album by the British New Wave group Squeeze. It is the band's tenth studio album, and it marks the departure of drummer Gilson Lavis, the only band member besides Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook who had appeared on every Squeeze album to this point (Lavis was temporarily replaced by Pete Thomas). This record also marks the brief return of keyboardist/vocalist Paul Carrack. Carrack had last appeared on 1981's ''East Side Story'', performing the lead vocals on one of Squeeze's most popular early singles, "Tempted." "Loving You Tonight" became only the second Squeeze album cut in thirteen years to feature Carrack singing a lead part. Additionally, bassist Keith Wilkinson wrote and sang "True Colours (The Storm)", the first song on a Squeeze album not written by Glenn Tilbrook, Chris Difford, Jools Holland, or any combination of those three. Difford has gone on record stating his displeasure with allowing Wilkinson his own song among Difford/Tilbrook originals. This record is produced by Squeeze and Peter Smith. - Wikipedia