The Days Of Wine And Roses


Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 06/16/2015
UPC: 816651010301

The Days Of Wine And Roses
Artist: The Dream Syndicate
Format: CD
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With the rebirth of the band as a live/touring unit over the past two years, Omnivore Recordings has remastered and expanded this gem. Calling on the band’s long-time archivist Pat Thomas, the CD now contains a slew of never-before heard recordings that capture the first year of the classic Wynn/Precoda/Smith/Duck line up in all their lo-fi glory! Bonus tracks from previous editions have been replaced by rehearsal tapes that capture two songs that later turned up on Medicine Show, as well as four songs that no one has ever heard, including a nearly 10-minute Krautrock inspired jam! Long-time fans have often wondered what it would have sounded like had Kendra Smith stayed in the band for a second full-length album, now we have the answer— less ’70s FM rock, and far more Marquee Moon-era Television! A revamped booklet includes new notes that describe the source of the vintage recordings—plus fresh testimonies from their peers; members of the Rain Parade, The Long Ryders, Divine Weeks, and Sonic Youth weigh in about the first time they heard The Days Of Wine And Roses. This is a reissue that is essential for both fans who’ve already collected it all before and the new kids on the block—those discovering the soundtrack of ’80s college radio for the first time. We’ve experienced The Day Before Wine And Roses. Welcome to the new Days Of Wine And Roses.