Omega Music


There are many opportunities for you or your band to gain exposure through Omega Music!


Omega Music would love to carry your album in our store. We support local and independent artists through our consignment program.

We report all sales to Nielsen Soundscan and Streetpulse. Please ensure that your items are properly barcoded if you would like their sales numbers to be reported and tallied for Billboard charts, etc.

Consigners are responsible for determining the cost of the product.  We have a markup of 30% unless that percentage is valued at less than $1, then the markup will be rounded up to $1.

Consigners are responsible for checking on the sales of their items.  If a product is not checked on after 3 months, the item will be considered abandoned.

If you live in the area, feel free to bring your items down to the shop to consign them.  If you are not nearby, you can put your items on consignment by filling out our consignment form hereand mailing in your merchandise. We will accept 3-5 copies per format to start with.


Omega Music will host in-store performances for both national acts and local bands. Our shows are always free and all ages, as they are held during business hours. If you are interested in doing an in-store performance at Omega Music, please submit your request to Mike Cooley at mike@omegamusicdayton.com.

We ask that you send us a press kit, photo, and a link to/physical copy of your album. If you are local, you may drop this information off in the store. If we get your product through one of our many distributors, please talk to your label about contacting us with your information.  This will fast track your request. One item to note is that we do not have a stage. We are a record store and not a venue. Bands have ample performance space in the back of our store, in front of our DVD wall.


It is very important that the artist has additional outside publicity/exposure for the in-store as well.  This is left to the artist/label’s discretion, but should be noted.  We do not have a built-in crowd for in-stores, it is all based on an artist’s sales history, popularity, publicity, and exposure. We will, however, create a Facebook event page for the performance and promote the event on our socials.


Our PA system features 2 JBL Eon 315 powered mains (560w peak), 1 Behringer B1800D-PRO powered subwoofer(1400w peak), a 16-Channel snake, Mackie 1642-VLZ3 mixer, 2 floor monitors, & multiple microphones.  

We do not have any in-house backline. If you require additional equipment, please send a request and we will try to procure it. Otherwise, you must bring it with you. Please direct all sound questions to Mike Cooley, our sound tech. He can be reached by e-mail at mike@omegamusicdayton.com.


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